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5 Tips For Including Your Dog In Your Engagement Photos

So you want to include your dog in your session, I'm so down! Fur babies are such important members of the fam! I've learned a few things firsthand though trying to get pictures with my pup, Ellie! Your dog is going to control our session, so we want to be prepared to work with them and have them on their best behavior! And while we all love a perfectly posed photo, the candid ones are just as cute! So I've got a few tips below to help it go smoothly!

1. PACK LOTS OF TREATS + TOYS!! I am all about bribes if it results in cute photos! Depending on your dog, sometimes trying a new treat they haven't had before gives them extra motivation to sit still and cooperate! Secondly, pack some smaller toys I can easily hold to keep their attention- bonus points if they squeak!

2. GET THERE EARLY! Chances are y'all haven't been there before, so there is so much to check out!! If your dog is anything like my Ellie, a new location can make them forget all the tricks/commands/obedience they've ever known. Giving them time to explore at their own pace will be so beneficial to us later on!

3. GET THEM TO RUN AROUND! Similar to getting there early, get them to run around a little bit to help them get out some of their energy! Plus, not all dogs are automatically smiley, so sometimes getting them to pant a little to really brings out their biggest smile!

4. BRING A FRIEND! Or a dog wrangler, if you will! Having someone to hold the leash, extra treats, doggy bags, etc... will help you enjoy the moments we make in your session! I'm also sure you'd love some photos of just you and yours, so it's handy to have an extra person to hang with your dog (who could complain about that?) while we get some shots of y'all alone!

5. COORDINATE ACCESSORIES! You've put a lot of thought into your outfits, wouldn't it be cute if your pup coordinated alongside of you?! Something subtle like a bandana, bowtie, or flower on the collar, is the perfect touch if you want to dress your cutie up!

If you're ready to have your dog in your photos, let your photographer know ASAP! We'll be able to help you find a dog-friendly location to shoot at! I get so excited knowing I get to meet a new furry friend and get to shoot your growing family! I hope you found these 5 tips helpful and you can use them to get the cutest family photos to last a lifetime!

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